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How to say thank you in a time of Corona

Updated: May 19, 2022

The government says people in England can "meet up with other people" outside their household as long as they are outside and stay 2m apart.

How to say thank you in time of Corona when we can’t hug or really even get close enough to see a smile reach the eyes? One way I’ve tried is with words so here are some more words for everyone who has joined my classes so far. Apart from the obvious, like giving me my only form of income atm, teaching you is also keeping me accountable, in a time when frankly, I’m finding it hard to do much else.

The repetitiveness of lockdown is really starting to get my goat. A week at a time, we’ve been going through phases. Panicked stockpiling changed into anxious uncertainty and stress, into some sort of rhythm and now we seem to be in a stagnant phase. After 1,732 days of watching pixilated faces on Houseparty, attempting quizzes with delayed sound on Zoom and walking round the same park (again), it’s not surprising that I’m finding motivating myself hard and I know I’m not alone. I’ve really enjoyed reading articles about how productivity in quarantine is overvalued. How many of us have made plans to tackle a never-ending project list, but just haven’t? Even the smallest tasks on some days have seemed insurmountable. On the days I have managed to be productive it has felt good. But, besides this new world of online teaching, I am finding it hard to self-motivate.

I get up early and end my days late five days a week to teach yoga on Zoom because I know I have my family, friends and students waiting for me. Even if I drank some wine the night before, stayed up late anxiously scrolling for COVID news and updates, and didn’t sleep properly (which happened quite a lot at the beginning of lockdown), knowing my gang are waiting for me is motivating, who are themselves motivated knowing that I’m waiting for them. We practice yoga, but we also connect, catch up and sometimes complain outside of our own echo chambers.

Gratitude is deeply important and healing, but this is a time where we also have to make room for fallibility. We can feel gratitude and want to complain. We can be accountable and do nothing. We can be calm and considerate but want to chat shit, so that’s why I want to say thank you to all of you who’ve signed up for my classes for keeping me grateful and accountable, but also helping me cope with a good old moan.

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